Starting with the spring / summer 2019 collection, the imagery of the premium fashion brand Strenesse features many pieces of furniture by seat expert Wagner. It starts with the chair "W-2020" designed by ID AID and the accompanying bar stool.

Wagner stands for design that moves. For Handmade in Germany, urbanity and high quality. Style, understatement, character and consistency. Many values ​​that the company shares with the fashion brand Strenesse. Therefore, a cooperation is reasonable. The imagery perfectly communicates the value of both brands.

"I am very pleased about the cooperation with Strennese and the many opportunities that will result from our cooperation," explains Peter Wagner, responsible for design and marketing at Wagner Living.

The chair "W-2020" is reminiscent of classic tavern wooden chairs, but further develops their expression and functionality. Seat and back are made of an innovative plastic shell and form the heart of this series. The chair is complemented by the "W-2020" bar stool. In all "W-2020" models, the "Dondola® +" joint is invisibly integrated, ensuring a three-dimensional mobility of the seat surface.